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Leonor Sarmiento Camperos is currently the CEO and executive director of Lemoari USA, a green-resources company dedicated to improving our relationship with packaging and the environment. Contact her for more details or partnerships.Lemoari's products are intended to make all our packaging needs biodegradable, while working to divert more of the public's attention into green technologies, reducing carbon footprint, reducing trash and reduce, reuse, recycle. They focus on a B2B model, but dedicate time to informing the general public on the benefits of biodegradable products, and the invisible costs of the mountains of trash we generate everyday. Leonor's role in this is both ideation and execution, bringing together great minds to make it easier for the business to expand while causing good in the world.

Leonor has twenty years of experience at managing accounts and finances, and decided to dedicate herself to a change for good. She has worked as a trading manager, accounts manager, investor and treasurer at different companies in Venezuela before moving to Miami and starting Lemoari. She is also the president of LSC 7 Investments LLC, where she directs the company's real estate investments. Her past experience is shown in her everyday work as well as her ambition and long term plans, as she is well grounded in reality and finance, not losing herself in the dream for a greener world. She maintains a work-life balance, but knows to bring the strict habits she aquired in the financial world to her work when a project is near completion or a deal is about to close. She expects similar standards from employees, holding them to the highest quality of work.

In her off-time, Leonor Sarmiento is also an image consultant, and studies nutrition and health to help friends and clients. She participates in triathlons around the world, combining her love for health with her love for travel.

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• Traveling • Fitness Workout • Nutrition Adviser • Image Consulting • Photography • Triathlon